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Good Parenting Tips

What is a good parent?

A good parent ensure that they are making decisions based off of the best interest of the child. 

No parent is perfect. The effort is everything.

No child is the same nor any child is perfect as well. Things like this is important when we set our expectations.

You must set high achievable goals for yourself first then your child. 

Always remember that you are a role model to them. 

There are 6 essential parenting tips that I follow.

1. Model - You have to lead by example and can't expect them to not do what they see you do. 

2. Love - There is no such thing as loving your child too much. Loving them too much is not spoiling them. Every child needs that unconditional love.

3. Positive Parenting - Being a good parent is teaching your child good morals, what is right and what is wrong. 

4. Communicating and Integrating - Communication is very important. Talk to your child and always listen to them as well. 

5. Reflecting - Reflecting on your own childhood reminds us why we parent the way we do. 

6. Keeping Perspectives - Always strive to turn every negative interaction or situation into a learning opportunity for your child.