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Covid - 19 | Florida New One-Day Death Record

Florida adds 113 coronavirus deaths, a new one-day record.

The Sunshine State’s death toll grows to 1,536 as it begins to reopen.

One day after reopening, Florida posted a record number of new deaths Tuesday from the novel coronavirus — 113, including 11 in the Tampa Bay region.

Part of the surge appears to be from the state adding the deaths of 41 people who aren’t considered Florida residents, a Tampa Bay Times analysis shows. Some of the deaths appear to have occurred several weeks ago but didn’t show up in the state’s count until Tuesday.

The new cases bring the state’s death count to 1,536.

Tuesday was the first time since the epidemic took hold in Florida that the state reported more than 100 deaths in a single day.

On Monday, the state had only 24 non-resident deaths included in its data. On Tuesday, that number jumped to 65.