2K20 Pandemic In The US

Who would have ever envisioned 2020 being soo odd and weird! 

Since the start of this pandemic I can truly say I predicted at least a year or more of abnormality. Turns out I was correct! I truly can’t believe we as a country (UNITED STATES) with all of this technology and future implementations that has changed our World tremendously can’t seem to come up with a solution to save lives from this deadly virus. I’m deeply sadden because over the past several months we have lost some great souls. 

Moreover, this country has been exposed. We have really displayed how much Money rules this World. Everything has turned into one big monopoly, from sports, to businesses, etc. it’s very heart breaking to see what the World has come to. My only solution to that is “Adapt or forever be down” Now is the time for many of us to capitalize on educating ourselves on things that can help us advance financially, spiritually, physically and mentally. 

Last, moving forward for everyone that has contracted this virus needs to definitely make life changes because we don't know the long term effects it will have on the body.